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We Are NIMP We deal with Anger & Stress Management

Whether at home, school,or out in the world, all people face challenges in their lives when they encounter choices, changes, and opportunities in their lives.NIMP has a mission to provide children, teens and adults with tools to overcome anger, stress and nurture talents to make a difference in the world.

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Meet The Founder

Dr. Mburu Anne is an experienced cognitive psychology therapist. Her area of specialization is anger, stress management and life skills dealing with persons of all ages and walks of life. Her therapy gives occupational, intellectual, emotional, physical, environmental, social and above all spiritual wellness. She is an empathetic and open-minded lady who approaches/solves matters amicably. Her exceptional cognitive ability makes her an avid therapist and problem solver. Being a wife for 33years and a mother of 12 children has contributed to her natural approach to problem solving. She has helped various youths to get back on their feet after very devastating experiences.

Dr. Mburu Anne

Our Services

Screening Services

Understanding the extent and nature of a client's disorder and its interaction with other life areas is essential for careful diagnosis, appropriate case management, and successful treatment.


The purpose of assessment is to gather detailed information needed for a treatment plan that meets the individual needs of the client. Many standardized instruments and interview protocols are available to help counselors perform appropriate screening and assessment for clients.

Therapy Sessions

We have qualified professionals who are reay to walk wit with step by step in our different therapy sessions. We are committed to keep you smiling

Anger & Stress Management

Anger and Stress come in a real variety of shapes and forms. Unless stress is manage it deeps and develop into drepression. Take an action before its too late.

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Your Health is Our Priority

Regardless of your Age & Health Issues.

Individual Therapy

A problem shared is half solved. We are a consultancy firm you can trust.

Group Therapy

No one is immune to stress, We are here to help you manage the situation.

Addiction Therapy

Are you addicted and would wish to overcome it, we got you covered.

Couple Therapy

Marrige is a gift whose price cant be estimated, we offer professioanl marriage conseling

One on One

We have the capacity to hold both individual and group consultations at our offices.

Online Sessions

For those who cannot make it to visit our offices we have online therapy sessions.. We come at your comfort

Our Qualified Team

We have a team of qualified professionals who have specialized in different areas of expertise to ensure services offered are of high quality and affordable

Dr. Anne Mburu

Stress Management

Our Team

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Over 5,100 patients trust us

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